Health Services

The Oshkosh Area School District is committed to assuring a safe and healthy environment for all learners. One of the ways this is accomplished is through providing on-site school nursing services in all of our buildings.  Our staff of dedicated registered school nurses and health assistants are experts in student health within an educational environment.

Important Information and Documents

OASD School Nurses

Kathryn Draxler, BSN, RN

Email address:
#920-424-0431 ext 2704 Fax 920-424-7513

  • South Park Middle School
  • Roosevelt Elementary
  • Lakeside Elementary School

Elizabeth Lynch, BSN, RN

Email address:
#920-424-0065 ext 1324 Fax 920-424-7511

  • Carl Traeger Middle School
  • Carl Traeger Elementary School 
  • Oakwood Elementary School

Marni Noldin, BSN, RN

Email address:
#920-424-0442 ext 6959 Fax 920-424-7515
Emmeline Cook Elementary School

  • Washington Elementary School
  • Webster Stanley Elementary School
  • Webster Stanley Middle School
  • WIT Program

Stefanie Rebholz, BSN, RN

Email address:
#920-424-4090 ext 3034  Fax 920-424-4950

  • West High School
  • Tipler Middle School
  • ALPS Charter School

Kerri Tuma, BSN, RN 

Email address:
#920-424-7000 ext 2410  Fax  920-424-4054

  • North High School
  • Merrill Middle School
  • Merrill Elementary School

Lindsey Uecker, BSN, RN

Email address:
#920-424-0320 ext 5508

  • Ready 4 Learning
  • Jefferson Elementary School
  • Shapiro Elementary School

Kaitlyn Williams, BSN, RN

Email address:
#920-424-0078 ext 6967 

  • Franklin Elementary School
  • Oaklawn Elementary School
  • Read Elementary School



Vision/Hearing Memo for parents

Free vision and hearing screening notification.

Asthma Action Plan

Authorization and action plan for students with asthma.


Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Emergency plan for students with allergies and anaphylaxis.


Seizure Action Plan

Action plan for students with seizure disorders.


Medication/Treatment Request Form

Authorization form for school staff to administer medication.


Illness/Communicable Disease MEMO

Prevent the spread of illness in school. Symptoms to watch for and procedures to follow.


G-tube Feeding Plan - 5335 F2

Parent consent for management of care/feeding plan.


Self-Medication Treatment Request Form

Authorization form for student self-medication while at school.


Epinephrine Notice

Epinephrine is the drug of choice for effective management of anaphylaxis. Symptoms, treatment, and training information regarding use of Epinephrine for anaphylaxis.


6th Grade Immunization Requirement 

Wisconsin State Law requires immunization for all students prior to entering 6th grade.


Student Immunization Record

Wisconsin State Law requires all students to submit record of immunization within 30 school days of admission.