April 2023


APRIL-HEADER-2 - Space Coast Iceplex

Monday, April 3

PTO Meeting 6:15 pm
Tuesday, April 4

Girls on the Run 2:45 - 4:15

Jefferson Inspire 2:45 - 3:30

Family STEM Night 5:30


Friday, April 7


Tuesday, April 11 Girls on the Run 2:45 - 4:15
Wednesday, April 12 Opera For the Young 1:45
Thursday, April 13 Kindness Cub 2:45 -3:45
Tuesday, April 18 Girls on the Run 2:45 - 4:15
Friday, April 21 NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, April 25 Girls on the Run 2:45 - 4:15
Friday, April 28 PTO Movie Night 6:00 pm


















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Hello families, I hope this note finds you well and healthy.  As we continue to move through the month of April four our guidance lessons we are/will be focusing on the following subjects: 


KG and 1st grade classes we will be focusing on noticing and recognizing other people's feelings by noticing their body, facial expressions and ways that we can show that we care. We will also be talking about using I-messages (I feel, when you, could you please) and apologizing when needed to peacefully problem solve conflicts or disagreements. 

2nd grade we are focusing on helpful study skills to continue on the path of being successful learners.  

3rd grade we are learning about cooperation, tips that can help us successfully work with others as this is a life skill we need to work on as we continue to move up in our education and to be productive adults. Students learn that cooperation is working together with others to achieve a goal and that together we can achieve more. Students have the opportunity to work on several team challenges.

4th grade we are focusing on taking responsibility for our actions, including our mistakes and how mistakes can be an opportunity to problem solve (OOPS) when we are willing to make a choice to learn from our mistakes, we grow. Students are also learning how as we continue to grow we need to start taking more responsibility with certain tasks to be successful  (writing reminders on planner, doing their homework, getting ready for school, etc). 

5th grade we have done a lesson on mental wellness and things we can do to help with our overall well being and mental wellness (move our body, get adequate sleep, get outside, reflect on things/people weare thankful for, play board games with loved ones, helpful thinking, limit screen time, stay hydrated, spend time with people that help us be our best). We are also doing a lesson on positive self talk and the power it can have in the way we feel and act.

In addition to classroom lessons I am also working with some small groups on social/study skills and resiliency.

The weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer! Please help your children to continue to get adequate and proper sleep (doctors and scientists recommend 9-12 hours of sleep for young children). If you are able, make time to get outside and play with your kids, take a walk together, spend time in nature. I hope you and your loved ones are able to enjoy and cherish the nicer sunnier days! Wishing you well!

Wisconsin Forward Exam testing will begin soon.  The Forward Exam is a summative assessment that gauges your child’s achievement in the content areas tested in relation to grade-level standards. It provides a broad measure of achievement that should be used along with local measures such as report cards, schoolwide assessments, and other information about your child’s progress in school. 

Testing Tips for Parents 

1. Make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night before the test. 

2. On the morning of the test, your child needs to get up in plenty of time so he/she won't feel rushed. 

3. Feed your child a good breakfast. Research shows that children do better on tests if they have had a good breakfast.

 4. Do as much as you can to make your child feel comfortable. Try not to say things to make him/her feel more nervous.

 5. Reassure your child that no matter the outcome of the test you will still love him/her. Encourage them to simply do their best. 

Please ensure that your child is in school on their scheduled testing days. Makeups are challenging to schedule and result in lost instructional time. 







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 This month during our PBIS assembly and PBIS Mash-Up and as part of teaching our students the Conscious Discipline structures in our classroom we will be learning about The Safe Place. The Safe Place is a space in our classrooms that is utilized as a self-regulation learning center. The Safe Place in our classrooms may look slightly different. However they are all equipped with tools for calming and self-regulation. The Safe Place provides students with a space to remove themselves from a situation that may be triggering them so that they are able to become calm and maintain control when they are angry, frustrated, sad, or scared.  The Safe Place is NOT time out. We will learn together the 5 Steps to Self-Regulation: 

I am

I calm

I feel

I choose

I Solve

Conscious Discipline offers resources on their website for families. If you would like to learn more about creating a safe place at your home for your kids or check-out other resources or ideas of strategies you could use at home, feel free to visit their website and explore. Here is link: https://consciousdiscipline.com/free-resources/