December 2021


Thursday, Dec. 2

KG - 2 Holiday Concert 6:00 pm

Monday, Dec. 6 PTO Meeting 6:15 pm 
Tuesday, December 7

Inspire Club 2:50 - 3:50

Lego League 3:00 - 3:45

Wednesday, Dec. 8  EARLY RELEASE 12:30
Tuesday, Dec. 14

Kindness Club 2:45 - 3:45

Lego League 3:00 - 3:45







Per OASD policy, each student is required to wear a mask to school each day. Please remember to send one with your child. While we have a limited supply for backups in case some or lost or damaged, we do not have nearly enough to be handing out as many as we have been each morning. Thank you for your cooperation! 


Winter is here! 

Winter is here! Please make sure you are sending your child to school with snowpants, boots, hats and gloves! Please reach out if you are in dire need of any of these things.



Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Please click HERE for more information on Sleep in Heavenly Peace, how to request a bed, or how to volunteer and/or donate to this amazing organization that is helping kids right here in Oshkosh!! 






OASD eAcademy Mid-Year Enrollment AND Withdrawal Period


The Oshkosh Area School District is pleased to announce a mid-year enrollment period for the District’s eAcademy, a fully online school for grades K-12. The mid-year enrollment period will take place November 29 through December 10, 2021, at 3 p.m., and will allow students to enroll IN or OUT of eAcademy for the 2021-22 second semester. For more information about enrolling/withdrawing from eAcademy for second semester please visit the eAcademy Website at: 

LEARN MORE! The Oshkosh Area School District eAcademy is a fully online school for grades K-12.  eAcademy is partnered with the Wisconsin eSchool Network, which is a collaborative network of online programs throughout the state of Wisconsin. The program has been developed in collaboration with online learning experts and is based on years of research and best practices for excellence in virtual learning. Students who participate in the OASD eAcademy enjoy all the benefits of being a OASD student, including earning an OASD diploma and participating in extracurriculars, while receiving a customized, student-centered education that meets individual educational and social needs. 

CONTACT US! If you are looking for additional information to further assist with your enrollment decision, feel free to reach out to the OASD eAcademy coaches / staff at each level:  

Kim Groth - Elementary -

Melissa Schiek - Elementary -

Jean Framke - Coach West HS -

Jennifer Thede - Coach North HS -

Julie Ruck, SPED Virtual Support Teacher -

Lisa Lieder - Program Coordinator -

Trina Anderson - Principal -








Do any of these items look familiar to you? Please stop in and take a look...we want all of these thing to find their owners! 



Winter Safety

Safety is important in the winter, especially at school. Please take some time to review with your child a few of our playground rules for winter:

  • If there is snow on the ground, boots and snow pants must be worn to play in the wood chip area or on the field. 

  • Snow is NEVER to be thrown. (No exceptions)

  • The slide must be used one child at a time, feet first. Ice can accumulate on the slides, so children should always be careful when using them in winter 

  • No sliding on the ice is allowed. The threat of injury is too great.

  •  No tunnels or snow forts with roofs will be allowed on the playground. The danger of collapsing on top of children is too great. Please respect the “creations” of other students and leave their forts and large snow “boulders” intact. (This means do not knock over someone else’s fort.)

  • No climbing on snow hills. The threat of injury is too great.

Thank you for reviewing these expectations with your child to ensure a safe and fun winter season!

~Mrs. Patza





Breakfast/Lunch Menus

Please click on the links below to view the menus for February:December Breakfast Menu

December Lunch Menu 




































Managing Big Emotions

At any age, crying is a normal response to being overwhelmed by strong feelings, like anger, fear, stress, or even happiness. Some children, however, cry more than others. Those same children may get angry more often, feel frustrated faster, and get overly excited compared to their peers too.

The ability to regulate big emotions is largely dependent on age and development. Experiencing things more intensely is also sometimes just part of who someone is.

Big emotions can make life a little bit more difficult for these kids unless they learn how to engage in emotion regulation. While this is naturally learned over time, there are ways you can help your child cultivate emotional awareness and adopt healthy coping skills.

Things to remember

Learning skills for managing feelings takes practice

Noticing and naming feelings comes first

Talking about everyday feelings in normal conversations makes it easier when the difficult feelings come up

Talking about difficult feelings is usually best tried after the feelings have calmed down a bit, and when children, parents and carers are feeling relaxed.

Things to try at home

Use feeling words when you talk with children about everyday situations: “You scored a goal! How exciting was that!”; or: “It’s pretty disappointing that Katie can’t play with you today.”

Invite children to describe their own feelings: “I’m feeling pretty nervous about going to the dentist. How about you?”; or “How did you feel when…?”





In an effort to still track return-to-school dates for students, we would like you to continue to notify your student's school when they have symptoms, have tested positive or have been a close contact/household contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID.  Please call the office at 920-424-0165