November 2023


Wednesday, November 1 Picture Re-take Day
November 8-15

 Scholastic Book Fair!

Wednesday, November 8 Fundraiser item pick up day 2:45
Thursday, November 9

Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00-6:30

Jefferson Panera Night 4:00-8:00

Friday, November 10 No school for students
Tuesday, November 14 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00-6:30
November 23-24 No School - Happy Thanksgiving!
Tuesday, November 28 Patriots Inspire Club 2:45-3:15





Colder temperatures rolling in this week remind us that, sadly, Fall is coming to an end! PLEASE BEGIN TO SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WITH A COAT, HAT AND GLOVES as we do not have enough to lend out each recess. Students will not be allowed to stay indoors just because they do not have a coat. Thank you for your attention to this timely matter! 

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Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, all field trip permission slips will be electronic and we are moving to cashless payments for field trips. This is a new process for our entire district and is meant to streamline and improve our service to families. 

Additional information will be shared by teachers as they plan for field trips. However, we want to highlight the following features: 

Our new online field trip process must be completed via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. 

All online transaction fees have been waived, including payments made by credit card, debit card, and checking/savings account. 

If a field trip is sponsored by the district, the cost of the trip is waived for families who are eligible and approved to receive free and reduced priced meals. (This will be communicated to impacted families.)

Our school secretary will be available to assist families as needed and if a parent/guardian is unable to complete the online field trip process, we can provide support in-person or over the phone. 

We look forward to providing your child(ren) with enriching field trip experiences that contribute to their educational journey. We appreciate your continued partnership and engagement!









Please CLICK HERE for more details and information on Oshkosh Area Community happenings! 

Questions, Concerns, Suggestions...

At Jefferson Elementary, we are dedicated to providing the best educational program possible for our children. Should something occur that you have a question about or are unhappy with, please give your child's teacher a call first and then your child's principal so that they can work together with you to address your needs. Amanda Patza can be reached at 424-0165.  If you have a concern that you have been unable to resolve with a staff member or the principal, you may call the district office at 424-0395 and they will help you address your concern and/or connect you with others who can help.









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November Breakfast Menu

November Lunch Menu




11/1/23 Picture Re-take Day



11/9 & 11/14 Parent Teacher Conferences -




Children under age seven lack mature inner speech. Adults use inner speech to rehearse choices and outcomes before we act. Instead of inner speech, children encode information in pictures. So, we can use pictures to guide children’s behavior and avoid power struggles. Use your body as a picture by modeling what you want, use your words to help paint pictures of what you want, and put up actual pictures that show what to do. Instead of, “Walk in the house,” say, “Walk carefully with each foot going like this through the house.” Not only do you get better compliance (fewer power struggles), you also build language and literacy.


Hello families, in the month of October we wrapped up our lessons on Safety Drills (including A.L.I.C.E.) As you have conversations with your students, remind them that we do safety drills to know what to do in case of an actual emergency because research has shown that if we practice what to do in case of an emergency we will be better prepared to respond to an actual emergency. Also remind students that our number one priority is safety and we will do all that is within our capability to keep our school family safe.

In KG-1st grade we started lessons in feelings identification & feelings expression, 2nd-5th grade we started a series of lessons about understanding our brains and how they impact the way we may feel. We are learning there is not such a thing as good or bad feelings, all feelings are okay. Some feelings are comfortable (example: happy, calm, excited, etc.) some feelings are uncomfortable (example: sad, angry, worried, etc.) What's important is how we handle/manage our feelings especially when we are experiencing uncomfortable feelings. We need to use/practice helpful coping skills. Helpful coping skills are the things we can do to help us manage our uncomfortable feelings so that we can calm down and be ready to learn. We can use helpful coping skills so that we can keep it kind, helpful and safe. Some examples of helpful coping skills we will be talking about are: take deep breaths, name our feelings to tame our feelings, walk away from a situation to cool off, use I statements: I feel… when you… could you please…, talk to a trusted adult, count to 10, use helpful self-talk (I am safe, I can this, I can handle this, is okay to ask for help) to name a few.

 Wishing you and your loved ones well,

Mrs. Brown

*Please note, school counselors do not provide “therapy” and/or long term counseling. Please CLICK HERE for a flier with more detailed information regarding school counseling at Jefferson and myself.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is something I can do to support you or your child. You can reach me by calling our school office or emailing me directly at: